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I am... insatiably curious with a penchant for mischief often too strange or convoluted to be humorous, but sometimes it is anyway.

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So much dancing.

I need to sleep outside again soon. Spending too much money going out (and having just so so so much fun), and needing the reset that is sleeping on the ground somewhere beautiful.

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I’m having a cookie sale to raise money toward either fixing or replacing my car. $7/dozen, and I’ll ship them if you’re far away. I’m offering chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, lemon sugar cookies, and bird’s nest cookies. Please shoot me a message or comment here if you’re interested. Thanks!

Oh fuck, those were bomb last time. Lemon sugar cookies, come to papa!

…How do I pay you?

Layer 1: Paint markers can go a bit wild of their own accord sometimes. I’m okay with that.

Layer 1: Paint markers can go a bit wild of their own accord sometimes. I’m okay with that.

Holy shit.

Also, I was biking to work this morning and slipped on a sharp turn going down hill and totally ate it for the first time in years. Scraped the shit out my knee and hip (without cutting a hole in my jeans??) and addressed the pavement with my chin violently enough for me to be astounded when neither blood nor bruise followed.

The old fall standby.

And my favorite part of this vest. Safety pins on the inside with a spare shoelace threaded through the outside.

I’m sure it could be done cleaner with a bit of tailoring (not to mention keep from ruining the vest with safety pins tearing holes in the fabric), but I’ve had it for years and it’s held on. 


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Sometimes I wake Marisa up doing something similar. It’s usually preceded by a nightmare/sleep paralysis combo though. Eyes open, dreaming and trapped which is usually why I wake up chest-deep-gasping. The paralysis can feel asphyxiating and heavy. I get the fear, homie. I’m really, really sorry.

Maybe it’s something different though! I’m going to vote mutant super powers. Only safe explanation.